Digital Creative Lead/UX/UI/Visual Design

During my time with Studio La Plage I was part of the team which completely redesigned the website for LaplandUK.

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LaplandUK, voted ‘Best Family Day Out’, needed a website which could tell their story of Christmas in a charming and creative way, as well as make all of the existing useful information and features easy to find.

What we did


We incorporated the story into the site itself by creating the homepage as an interactive scene of Father Christmas’ study. The stories Lapland wanted to tell were put into books which could be opened from the the desk in the study. The information pages were easily accessible in blueprints at the top of the scene on a shelf and were written by Father Christmas’ hand.

iPad designs

Desktop designs

Mobile designs


Bringing the site to life


Previously, the LaplandUK web offering had lived in three separate places online – the brochure site, the booking portal and the booking management portal (all separate experiences for the customer). It was my challenge to both bring these entities together, as well as include the creative story telling aspect of the site. The result was one holistic experience.