Press Portal for Foot Locker

Creative Lead/UX/UI/Visual Design

At Studio La Plage I was asked to create a web portal which would become a one-stop shop for the press to find all they needed about Foot Locker products and campaigns.

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What they needed

Foot Locker needed an international, private access portal for the press to access a huge selection of product and campaign information including videos, images and much more.


Easily updatable

It needed to be refreshed for each new campaign and/or product drop.


Users could access and download various types of media and information for each campaign.


Search features and cataloguing

The site also had powerful filtering capabilities for finding information about specific products or categories quickly and easily.


Multiple languages for multiple markets

It also had to be made available (and updatable) in several different languages for markets across the world (with the ability to add more if needed).


Fully responsive

It was also designed to be accessible across all screens.